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Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a peaceful small country in Central America, known throughout the world for its high quality, low cost dental care. Politically stable, and with no army...


"I was living in Portland, OR and needed several crowns and other procedures. My ODS Plan P+ dental insurance (one of the best at that time) covered just part of the treatment and the annual maximum covered was $2000."

Alvaro Jimenez, October 21, 2008

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Our Locations

We have two strategically located Clinics in Costa Rica. They are in San Jose's prestigious suburb of Sabana Sur and in Lindora.

Close to the airport, US Embassy Consulate, US Ambassador’s residence and many amenities and facilities to stay, eat, shop, etc. You will also be close many touristic attractions in the central valley.

Office in La Sabana: (A)

One block South from McDonald’s in La Sabana,
yellow building, second floor
[P]  506-2290-2121  506-2290-2121 ~  506-232-1872  506-232-1872
(from USA dial 011 and then the phone number).

Dentists in Costa Rica

Office in Santa Ana: (B)

Boulevard Lindora Shopping Center

[P]  506-2203-4747  506-2203-4747 ~  506-232-4848  506-232-4848
(from USA dial 011 and then the phone number).

Dental Care Clinics in Costa Rica

Located in San Jose's prestigious suburb of Sabana Sur and Lindora, at the end of the main highway to the airport, it is also close to the residence of the American Ambassador and the American Embassy Consulate. The dental clinic offers modern dental equipment for patients, such as computerized imaging of X-Rays and treatment explanations, special goggles for watching movies during the dental treatment, air conditioning, air filters, ADA and FDA approved sterilizing systems (autoclaves), and a wide parking lot.

CONTACT US: Within USA local call:  954-703-5010, International call: 011-506-2290-2121.