Dr. Eduardo Castro

Dr. Eduardo Castro

Dr. Eduardo Castro Sittenfeld earns his title of Doctor in Dental Science (D.D.S.) from University of Costa Rica in 1978 and has been an active member of the Costa Rica Dental Association since 1980. He is a renowned dentist of the U.S. Peace Corps since 1985 and works as a listed dentist for the U.S. Embassy Members. He is an active member of the Costa Rica Dental Association and the dental council of Dole Fruit Company.

With over thirty years of experience, placing veneers and working on crowns is Dr. Castro’s daily bread. Using the best technology, materials and procedures available; Dr. Castro works to provide the natural white looking smile every person wants at an affordable price.

When out of the office Dr. Castro's outdoor spirit gets the better of him. He loves to do any type of aquatic sport, go hiking on the mountains or doing a Pilates session at the beach, of course this is always better when he can go with his lovely wife and daughters.


Let us help you achieve a flawless smile at an affordable price.


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