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Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a peaceful small country in Central America, known throughout the world for its high quality, low cost dental care. Politically stable, and with no army...


"I was living in Portland, OR and needed several crowns and other procedures. My ODS Plan P+ dental insurance (one of the best at that time) covered just part of the treatment and the annual maximum covered was $2000."

Alvaro Jimenez, October 21, 2008

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Dr. Arnoldo Anglada

Dr Anglada

“I believe that I can make your smile look natural again; you will also taste food much better, and if you lost lip consistence when you lost your natural teeth, you will recover it with the dental implants. Between appointments, you will also have the opportunity to meet the beautiful natural attractions in Costa Rica”

Graduated from University of Costa Rica in 1994 as a Doctor in Dental Science (D.D.S), Dr. Arnoldo Anglada knew that dental implants were his future. Setting travel plans to Santiago, Chile; Dr. Anglada earn his specialist title on Oral Implantology from the University of Chile in 1998. On his return to Costa Rica he worked as a Professor and Coordinator on the Department of Oral Surgery in the Universidad Latina School of Dentistry. Recognized by the Costa Rican Official Board of Dentistry as one of the only three Specialists in Oral Implantology in the country, Dr. Anglada has placed over 5000 implants and has attended more than 40 implant-related seminars in Costa Rica and South America.

Also a member of the International Association for Dental Research and the Iberoamerican Academy of Oral Implantology; Dr. Anglada loves to play, watch and talk about soccer when he isn’t at home spending time with his beautiful family.

What is a Specialist

The Costa Rican Board of Dentists, specifies that a Specialist is a dentist who, after the regular six years of Dentistry, has studied at least two more years (full time) on a specific branch of dentistry.   Also, according to the Costa Rican law, all University programs have to be reviewed and certified by the Board to ensure they reach a degree of excellence.

Article 29th of the Board’s Code of Ethics prohibits the dentists to announce themselves as Specialists, if they have not accomplished those requirements.

There are only three certified Specialists in Oral Implants in Costa Rica, and Dr. Anglada is one of them.

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