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Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a peaceful small country in Central America, known throughout the world for its high quality, low cost dental care. Politically stable, and with no army...


"I was living in Portland, OR and needed several crowns and other procedures. My ODS Plan P+ dental insurance (one of the best at that time) covered just part of the treatment and the annual maximum covered was $2000."

Alvaro Jimenez, October 21, 2008

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What happens when we lose our teeth?

Some of the consequences of tooth loss are: aesthetic compromise, decrease of masticatory efficiency (it is harder to chew), overload of the remaining teeth as they have to compensate for the lost tooth (therefore the remaining teeth could be damaged or lost too), difficulty to talk or to say certain words, loss of lip support (wrinkles), tilting of the neighboring teeth, unstable bite, head and face muscle and joint problems, decrease in size of the bone that held the lost teeth (bone resorption).

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