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Dental Tourism

Established 25 years ago, we are the dental service provider of choice for many Americans looking for high-quality and affordable dental services abroad. We staff an experienced professional dentistry team providing cost effective and accredited dental services in Costa Rica, using state-of-the-art technology, materials and procedures. This will assure you a high level of service in a safe, hygienic and controlled environment, meeting the highest American standards.

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"I was living in Portland, OR and needed several crowns and other procedures. My ODS Plan P+ dental insurance (one of the best at that time) covered just part of the treatment and the annual maximum covered was $2000. The treatment budget in Portland was around 5k..."

Alvaro Jimenez, Portland, OR.

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Dental Implants

With today’s dentistry it is possible to regain a dazzling smile and chewing function, regardless of how many teeth you have lost. Osseointegrated dental implants are a long-lasting, scientifically proven solution that prevents injury and/or overloading of surrounding healthy teeth.

Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small, peaceful country in Central America, known throughout the world for its high-quality, low-cost dental care. Politically stable and with no army, Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world...

Crowns & Bridges

Our crowns, inlays and bridges are made of metal free porcelain. A crown is used when a tooth has extensive damage and reconstruction with a filling, inlay, or veneer is no longer possible.

CONTACT US: Within USA local call:  954-703-5010, International call: 011-506-2290-2121.